Selling a House in Probate in Philadelphia

The process of selling a house in probate in Philadelphia in less than 5 steps     According to the National Multi Housing Council, about 65 percent of Americans are homeowners, increasing to 78 percent if you filter the search based on people 45 and up. All of them hold the potential to have their homes … Continued

The Top 10 Mistakes When Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

How to Avoid Mistakes when Selling Your Home in Philadelphia Ok, so you’ve made the decision to sell your home, and that’s a big decision. Perhaps you are planning to relocate or maybe you were left a home as part of an inheritance. Whatever the case may be, you have decided that it is time to … Continued

Selling a House With Back Taxes in Philadelphia

The 5 Nightmares of Selling a House with Back Taxes in Philadelphia       Selling a house can be a bit of a burden within itself. Now, take that stress and add it to the terror of selling a house with back taxes in Philadelphia. You’d rather not, I’m sure, but it is a … Continued

Don’t Deal With Evicting a Tenant in Philadelphia

  Evicting a Tenant in Philadelphia           The ideal tenant would rent your home, meaning pay rent promptly, monthly and in it’s entirety for the duration of the contracted lease. They would respect your home, maintain the home to a proper standard, relay all maintenance repairs and avoid any negligent behavior … Continued

Inherited house in Philadelphia

  The scary truth about selling the property Inherited house in Philadelphia   It is all too common for a loved one to leave behind a home for their family. In some cases, the individual(s) that have inherited house in Philadelphia will continue to live in it. However, there also lies the chance that the individual(s) who’ve … Continued

Sell Your Philadelphia House To Relocate

 How to Sell Your Philadelphia House to Relocate You received the call of a lifetime. The career move you have been praying, working and waiting for has found its way to you. You are on a path to acceleration and you couldn’t be happier. After telling your family, you fly out to visit your new … Continued

Sell a House because of Divorce in Philadelphia

Sell a House because of Divorce in Philadelphia Going through divorce? We’ll buy the property; a quick and painless transaction! Divorces can be a piece of work within itself. First and foremost there’s that emotional shock of dealing with the fact that a person you once loved enough to entertain the idea of spending the rest … Continued

Sell a Philadelphia House That Won’t Sell

5 tips to sell a Philadelphia House That Won’t Sell   courtesy of US News & World Reports So, you’ve bought a new place, or perhaps your family has grown, either way, you’re moving out your house and you need to sell. Unfortunately, it’s been 6 months. The lawn has been manicured weekly, it’s being … Continued

Repairing Home For Sale in Philadelphia

Are you in the process of repairing home for sale in Philadelphia?   There aren’t many buyers, if any, that dream of their new home filled with a laundry list of maintenance affairs that have been given to them as a housewarming gift. Alternatively, some buyers may not digest immediately, what sellers already understand, all … Continued