Don’t Deal With Evicting a Tenant in Philadelphia


Evicting a Tenant in Philadelphia

Evicting a Tenant in Philadelphia
Evicting a Tenant in Philadelphia






The ideal tenant would rent your home, meaning pay rent promptly, monthly and in it’s entirety for the duration of the contracted lease. They would respect your home, maintain the home to a proper standard, relay all maintenance repairs and avoid any negligent behavior that could lead to other damages.


That is the ideal tenant, however, you are not promised to have an ideal tenant in each tenancy. There is a strong probability that your current, last or next tenant could be a problem tenant that calls for an eviction. reviews the process of evicting a tenant in Philadelphia.


Notify the Tenant

Contributing writer and attorney, Beth Dillman recommends, as it is the legal thing to do, that you notify the tenant. Now, although you are evicting a tenant in Philadelphia, you must keep in mind that the required notice period can vary from state to state, as nearly all laws of the eviction process. The best answer for the time frame can be found in the rental agreement.


According to Dillman, some states require 5 days to pay rent before filing eviction, while others mandate 10 days, depending on their familiarity of violations of the lease.


Show up in court

Court visits are never fun when evicting a tenant in Philadelphia. If you, of course, are employed, you run the risk of missing days from work to attend court, which is very necessary, yet burdensome. However, It is here where the landlord and tenant get to participate the boxing ring, if I may use that analogy. It is here where the judge hears each party in an attempt to uncover the rightful party.


Remove the tenant

Assuming that the judge rules in your favor, the judge will proceed by allowing a “writ of possession” to be filed. This is the final step of the eviction process, however, depending on where you are, this part of the process may require an additional seven or more days before it is fully executed.


Do not remove the tenant illegally

I understand the wait can be exhausting when dealing with a problem tenant. This can be a nightmare within its own.  Illegal evictions stem further than simply evicting the tenant, but also to threatening to disconnect utilities, changing locks, or doing anything else that forces them out of the unit before allotted time. Dillman reminds us that failure to keep these things in mind could cause you damages that will be awarded to the problem tenant you are evicting.


Get your lawyer involved

Seriously, why wouldn’t you? Contacting a lawyer allows you to evict the problem tenant effectively and securely.

Alternatives to Evicting a Tenant in Philadelphia:

Alternatively, if you are evicting a tenant in Philadelphia, CALL US. You can skip the hassle of communicating with the tenant, missing days from work for court and spending additional money on a lawyer. We will buy your home fast, with the problem tenant. There is no need for costly realtor fees or overwhelming preparatory work. Call or text us at 267-908-3860 or visit us online at


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