Reasons Your Listing Wont Sell Philadelphia

Reasons Your Listing Wont Sell Philadelphia

So your home has been on the market for a while. Plenty of potential buyers have come to an open house; family and friends have referred your home to those that are seeking, yet, still no sale. The days on the market has turned to weeks, possibly months, and you dare entertain the idea of a year.


Bottom line: Your listing won’t sell Philadelphia, and you need it to.


Let’s explore the possibilities of why this is the case:


listing wont sell philadelphia
Top Reasons Your Philadelphia Listing Wont Sell

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The reasons your listing wont sell Philadelphia can be minor such as a better clean:


  • 98% of real estate agents recommend deep clean and de-cluttering
  • It increases property value up to $2,000


Maybe your asking price is a bit too high:


  • Statistics show that 40% of buyers overlook home priced over market.


If that is the case, then why is your asking price so high? Re-evaluate the numbers, be sure they are reasonable, and solicit the property under a new asking price.


Major renovations and additions are highly recommended, as it enhances what may be considered a “bad floor plan”, which could be the reason your listing wont sell Philadelphia.


In addition, consider the geographical location.


Is it ideal? What makes it desirable? Perhaps the lack thereof could be the hindrance. Scope out the cons of your home’s location, and address them in the interview with your potential buyer.


Minor things or perhaps things out of your control can cause your sale to prolong, however, there’s no reason as to why your listing won’t sell Philadelphia, and you can’t make it possible. I will buy your Philadelphia listing today!


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