The Top 10 Mistakes When Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

How to Avoid Mistakes when Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

Ok, so you’ve made the decision to sell your home, and that’s a big decision. Perhaps you are planning to relocate or maybe you were left a home as part of an inheritance. Whatever the case may be, you have decided that it is time to let the home go, and you are putting it on the market. Perhaps you have followed closely the checklist of things to do when selling your home in Philadelphia. After you’ve made the list and checked twice, take a look at these ten things mistakes when selling your home in Philadelphia. There’s a rather large chance that you are making one of these mistakes. Space Simply compiles:

The top 10 mistakes when selling your home in Philadelphia:

Mistakes when Selling your Home in Philadelphia


  1. Withholding information or hiding facts from Potential Buyers

While this should go without saying, it must be said. Why? Because in the desperation of selling your home, especially when time is of the essence, it can seem a bit of convenience. Well, convenience or not, it’s unethical and can and will backfire in the end. Problematic issues within the home will be uncovered during the buyer’s inspection. Imagine if a buyer discovered unsuspecting issues that you as the buyer did not disclose upfront. This could be a potentially negative situation as it could serve as a misrepresentation of the property and create a rift in the buyer/seller relationship.

  1. Over or Under Pricing Your Listing

Going the wrong direction in either direction is not good and could definitely be considered on of the worst problems in your pursuit to sell.  Overpricing or underpricing is a definite mistake when selling your home in Philadelphia simply because it sends off one of two bad signals. If it’s overpriced, buyers will shy away from the listing, it’s out of their price range. If the price is to low, there runs the risk of losing revenue and if the price is continuously lowered, buyers may take it as a desperate attempt to sell, which reflects negatively on the property.

  1. Forgoing a Pre-sale Inspection and Assessment

Space Simply points this out as a costly mistake when selling your home in Philadelphia simply because you go deny yourself the opportunity of placing the house on market at fair market value.

  1. Accepting or negotiating offers with a buyer who is not pre-approved

Lost time can never be regained. Negotiating offers without knowledge of preapproval is a fast way to burn time and a big mistake when selling your home in Philadelphia.

  1. Cutting costs on Listing Photos

Quality photos can become a bit expensive, probably a little more than the budget allows. However, less than quality photos are more costly.

6.Overlooking the Value of the Multiple Listing Service

Failing to list your house on the MLS is a definite mistake when selling your home in Philadelphia.


  1. Not preparing the Home for Sale

Failing to invest in needed preparations before you place your home on the market is a definite way to lose a potential buyer.


  1. Forgetting to boost Curb Appeal

This mistake goes hand in hand with the one that proceeds. In fact, not only are these mistakes when selling your home in Philadelphia, they just may be the reason your Philadelphia listing won’t sell.


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  1. Lack of Preparation for Additional Fees and Closing costs


Said best by Space Simply, “These costs can add up quickly”! Are you prepared for the costs? Do you know what costs are to be expected?


  1. Letting Emotions Cloud Decisions


Understandably your home holds memories that could never be replaced, but failing to remember that your buyer cant necessarily convey the emotional connection is a mistake when selling your Philadelphia home, and could lead to it being on the market much longer than anticipated, because your emotions got the best of you. If want to skip the hassle of making mistakes when selling your home in Philadelphia please don’t hesitate to Call or Text us at 267-908-3860 or visit us online at

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