Sell a House because of Divorce in Philadelphia

Sell a House because of Divorce in Philadelphia

Going through divorce? We’ll buy the property; a quick and painless transaction!

Divorces can be a piece of work within itself. First and foremost there’s that emotional shock of dealing with the fact that a person you once loved enough to entertain the idea of spending the rest of your life with is now possibly the last person you would like to spend another minute with. Let’s not attempt to focus on the additional issues if there are children in the mix. Not to mention the divvying up of personal possessions that was acquired within marriage. Oh, the stress!

I’m sure you are already aware, but just to give you a reminder, your home is included in that “personal possessions” category.

Attorney Emily Doskow did an excellent job in highlighting a few thing to keep in mind when trying to sell a house during divorce in Philadelphia. In her article found on, she supports how although you may be going through an emotional life-changing event, if you keep the following in mind, there’s a chance you may find that silver lining in the dark cloud a little easier and faster than you anticipated.

Key elements when trying to sell a house because of divorce in Philadelphia:

A real estate agent is optional

Doskow points out that it is perfectly possible and acceptable to sell a home without an agent. It could lead to more stress considering the potential disagreement on choosing an agent. Opting to sell your home to a real estate investor gets right to the point, whereas choosing to go with an agent can take anywhere from 90-180 days. Other things that “come with the territory” when dealing with an agent include having to do showings for potential buyers, possibly having to do some repairs and renovations to get things up to par, etc. Bottom-line selling with an agent has the potential to make things more drawn out and with something as emotionally challenging as dealing with a divorce a FAST & painless transaction is the way to go. When dealing with an investor the process is streamlined when trying to sell a house because of divorce in Philadelphia.

Establish a clear asking price

It is important to confer with your chosen agent and come to a conclusion collectively on an asking price when attempting to sell a house because of divorce in Philadelphia. The obvious- it removes the potential argument that can come along with the decision. Besides, the agent was hired to be the expert, allow them to work their purpose.

Preparation is Key

This is possibly one of the most important, if not the most important part of selling your home. Thorough preparation is required to have the home ready for the market. Doskow suggests allowing the agent to stage the home in the event that it has been vacated by the both of you. However, in the event that one (or both) of you are still living in the home, take the time to declutter, paint, complete maintenance issues, and whatever else is needed to bring the home up to par.

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Review the offers

Here, hands down, the adults in the situation (your spouse and you minus your differences) have got to sit down and review the offers and make a decision. Your agent can sit in and advise where needed but that is all.

Dividing the cash

Jointly owning a home is a big responsibility. Jointly owning a house with a former spouse can also be a big headache. To minimize ties and obligations with a former lover many opt to sell a house because of divorce in Philadelphia. We may be nearing that silver lining after all. However, Doskow points out a few things that need to be remembered once you have reached this stage of the sale. Generally, the escrow company can distribute the money after all associated fees have been addressed. The division of the cash may very percentage-wise, depending on factors such as the reduction of the principal amount made possible by continued payments after separation. This could present grounds where the paying party may request the increased equity since the initial start of the sell to closing.

When attempting to sell a house because of divorce in Philadelphia it can be a nasty thing to handle. Divorce isn’t fun and selling a house isn’t always a walk in the park. Perhaps your situation is less than amicable, or your current financial state doesn’t allow preparatory maintenance for the market, allow us to take the stress completely out of the situation. Take our advice, sell the home fast.

We will buy your house, as is, no obligations. Visit or call or text us at 267-908-3860.

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