Sell a Philadelphia House That Won’t Sell

5 tips to sell a Philadelphia House That Won’t Sell


How To Sell a Philadelphia House
House just not selling?

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So, you’ve bought a new place, or perhaps your family has grown, either way, you’re moving out your house and you need to sell. Unfortunately, it’s been 6 months. The lawn has been manicured weekly, it’s being dusted regularly and the advertisements have been placed in the highest of traffic areas. But still, no sell.

A lot of times, selling your home is easier said than done. But, wait. I have good news.

It may not be as hard as it seems to sell a Philadelphia house.

Implement the following tips for an increased chance at a successful sell.

Lower the Price. Possibly this was the first thought, however, it is not often acted upon. In fact, co-founder of Fenwick Keats Real estate, a New York City residential brokerage and management firm, Rob Anzalone, credited prices above market value as a primary reason, a decision driven by fear of underselling.

“Often sellers make the mistake of factoring in what price they need in order to sell the property,” Anzalone says. This too is a reason why prices are much higher. “Need is desire and it isn’t a factor in establishing market value.

Deep Clean. Before you pull out your landscaping bill, and prove that you are maintaining the lawn weekly, and properly, including ‘fresh mulch to tidy up the curb appeal’, as suggested by Jennifer Darby Metzger, a broker with ERA Justin Realty Co., in Rutherford, N.J., focus a second on the interior.

When trying to sell a Philadelphia house, remember a thoroughly clean home is a happy home, and everyone wants to come home to a clean home.

“Cleaning up the interior and exterior by painting, replanting or updating carpet can make a big difference,” says Leslie Piper, a housing specialist with

She as well suggested removing pets from the home during the selling period as the pet smell could serve as deterrence for potential buyers.


Consider finding a new real estate agent. If you feel your current agent doesn’t have neither the time nor desire to pour into your home for a successful sell, it may be time to get a new agent.


Good agents are considered good for a reason and the bad ones, according to Anzalone, “may not have the budget or expertise to market your house effectively.”


The right agent could be the factor between selling and not. If you decide to switch agents, be sure to properly dissolve your contract.


Fix what needs to be fixed. This includes those issues that may not be seen at a moment’s glance.  If you have addressed all maintenance, but have had several potential buyers, yet still no sale; consider seeking out feedback to uncover issues you may not be aware of.


Liz Lucchesi of McEnearney Associates, Inc., of Alexandria, VA, credits a feedback spreadsheet as the solution to this sort of problem.


Look at Your photos again. A Photo speaks a thousand words, am I correct? Yes. I am. During the quest to sell a Philadelphia house that won’t sell, a single tip from Erin Sartain, marketing director for Nextile of Bellvue, Wash., could be the key to the perfect listing photos.


“Turn on the lights.”


“Not only does it add warmth to a room,” she says, “but it allows people to see what they are looking at.”


If you having a hard time trying to sell a Philadelphia house, we want to buy it. Call us now, (267) 908-3860.


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