The Costs and Taxes on Selling a House in Philadelphia


How much are the costs, fees & taxes on Selling a House in Philadelphia?



If you’re thinking of selling a house in Philadelphia, you probably have an amount in mind that you would like to walk away with. However, keep in mind that the “ideal amount” is going to be chopped down by realtor commissions, closings costs and taxes on selling a house in Philadelphia. You’re probably thinking that the closing costs and taxes on selling a house in Philadelphia can’t be that expensive, but the reality is all those expenses add up and they add up real fast.

Here’s a list of costs, fees & taxes on selling a house in Philadelphia:

  • Closing fee. When you’ve arranged all the details with the buyer, you have to meet and sign the transfer documents. The settlement needs to be lead by a closing attorney or a title insurance agent and their fees can vary. The closing fee costs can rise up to $200.
  • Deed preparation. The cost of preparing a deed for the buyer is estimated to be around $100.
  • Pennsylvania deed transfer tax. This tax includes the charge paid to the State of Pennsylvania and the municipality and school district and it usually totals at about 2% of the sales price.
  • Dye test to a plumber. If a dye test is required, you need to call a registered plumber to do it, and this service can cost about $100 – $200.
  • Home warranty costs, if a warranty is requested by the buyer, can cost about $450.
  • No lien letters. You’ll need proof that the municipality doesn’t have a lien on your home. Acquiring this letter is the job done by the settlement company and the charge can be anywhere from $5.00 – $200.
  • An occupancy permit is required by some municipalities and it’s settled either by the seller or the buyer.
  • Overnight mailing fee. If there was a mortgage on the house, the settlement company can charge about $20 or more for overnight mailing the final payment to the mortgage company.
  • Pest inspection repairs, radon system. If there’s pest infestation or radon revealed during the inspection, additional costs may pop up.
  • Real estate agency fee is required by some agencies in addition to the commission and this can cost you anywhere from $50 – $500.
  • Real estate agent commission is negotiable but can be estimated at about 6% of the sales price.
  • Real estate tax certification is used to show whether all the taxes were paid in full. The certification cost can be $100 or less.

To add to all of these costs and fees you have to also factor in the taxes on selling a house in Philadelphia. If all these costs and fees are making your head spin, you can always call 267-908-3860 or visit  and sell your house to us. We will buy your house for a fair price and take care of most of the closings costs.


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