The Process of Selling a House With Bad Neighbors in Philadelphia

Selling a House With Bad Neighbors in Philadelphia


You’ve decided to sell your home, and you’re having a bit of trouble on the market. Everything is well as far as the eye can see on the inside of the home. The curb appeal is perfect; you have taken the time to get your landscaping just right and all the maintenance issues have been brought up to code, perfect agent- everything is perfect.


Everything that is, except that one minor thing – your neighbors.  Depending on the type of neighbor you are dealing with, it could be a major thing.


So, now you take a look at all those things you’ve gotten in order, only to find that the obstacle in your way is possibly one that is out of your power of control. What’s harder than selling a house in Philadelphia?

Selling a house with bad neighbors in Philadelphia.










Bill Gassett, top RE/MAX Realtor, breaks down the different type of neighbors that could cost your home to be on the market much longer than you would like.


  1. The neighbor with the overgrown grass

Have you ever ridden through a neighborhood and noticed that all the houses on the block have well manicured yards, except one?


I’m sure you have. That home belongs to the neighbor that is going to prevent your house from selling.  Obviously, we cannot say for certain why your neighbor has declined the responsibility of maintaining the upkeep of their home.


It could be a number of reasons, including cash flow problems, physical ailments, etc, but regardless of the reason, the condition of their yard has placed them in the category as a bad neighbor.


  1. The foreclosed home next door is the main attraction

The bank has seized the home next door, but it seems they may have forgotten, considering that it looks like it hasn’t been tended to at all.


You can only imagine that the buyers who arrive on your doorstep are seeing this eyesore. Considering that your Philadelphia listing won’t sell, it’s safe to say that the foreclosed home next door is contributing to your woes of selling a house with bad neighbors in Philadelphia.


  1. Fred Sanford lives next door

Well, not really, he doesn’t but Gassett alludes to the popular sitcom of the 70’s, Sanford and Son. You may recall the primary character of the show, Fred Sanford. He was a hoarder, a collector of junk. While on the television sitcom he was a joy, a real life Fred Sanford is not the best neighbor.

In fact, he could be a prime example of the reason you are having an issue selling your house with bad neighbors in Philadelphia.


Additionally, most of the time, junk hoarding extends much further than simply keeping old appliances and such around. This can also include junk cars.


Hoarders do not discriminate.


  1. The rowdy neighbor that may be a little dangerous

Have you ever seen the movie, Step Brothers? There’s a scene where the boys are attempting to divert buyers from their family home. Through many rowdy tactics, they were successful for a while. Imagine them as your next-door neighbors.


The rowdy neighbors, oh yes they exist.


If you think it’s hard selling your house with bad neighbors in Philadelphia when they are a bit rowdy, you can only imagine the trouble you’d encounter if instead of rowdy they were dangerous, or rowdy and dangerous!


  1. Nosey neighbors, scary dogs, oh my!

In addition to these horrors, there also stands a chance that there could be other discouraging types including those neighbors with the problematic dogs, or the neighbors whose dogs are the least issue, more so them meddling into the business of their neighbor.


I do believe the buyer standing on your door step will not bee to enthused to meet the neighbor whose nose is poking through the bushes.


Instead of the added stress of dealing with issues of selling your home with a bad neighbor in Philadelphia, consider selling your home to us, bad neighbor accepted no problem. We will pay you cash so you don’t have to deal with that headache anymore..


Call or text us at 267-908-3860, and avoid the task of selling your house with bad neighbors altogether.




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